Welcome to my data science portfolio.
I'm a data scientist and visualization enthusiast leveraging AI/ML and digital tools to improve mental health. Please scroll down to see my data science work and skill sets.


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Hi, I'm Yama.

As a Data Scientist, I bring a unique blend of machine learning, analytics, behavioral science, and experimental design expertise. I focus on enhancing efficiency, driving decision-making through data and actionable insights, and developing practical solutions for real-world challenges. Known for being a quick learner and adept problem solver, I leverage my robust analytical capabilities and strong communication skills in every project.

I have honed my expertise at the intersection of data science and digital mental health. Harnessing computational techniques, I aim to leverage large-scale behavioral and language data to extract actionable insights to improve mental health. My goal is to develop accessible, scalable, evidence-based interventions to ameliorate disparities in mental health care. I am also interested in exploring the potential of large language models and artificial intelligence in delivering timely and personalized mental health support.

Currently, I'm building a machine learning pipeline to analyze time-series data on depression symptom changes at the Lab for Scalable Mental Health, contributing to groundbreaking work in the field.

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2018 Research Intern Columbia University 2020 Research Intern Harvard University 2021 Data Analyst UPMC 2022 Data Analytics Manager UPMC Data Scientist Lab for Scalable Mental Health


I leverage AI/ML and digital tools to improve mental health.

Data Management

Data harvesting, cleaning and wrangling. Development of automated workflows and reproducible codes.

Data Analytics

EDA, statistical analysis, model building and validation.


Creation of static and interactive dataviz and dashboards, and scientific figures.

Machine Learning

Building data pipelines, selecting optimal algorithms, and deploying models.


From raw data to meaningful insights: my data science journey in projects


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I'm actively seeking data scientist opportunities in the tech industry and am open to collaborating on innovative data science projects.

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